We're all a little fragile.


The Lord of Silver Fountains,

The King of Carven Stone,

The King Beneath the Mountain,

shall come into his o w n

yup, shit about the teaser trailer coming out YESTERDAY *sobs*

yup, shit about the teaser trailer coming out YESTERDAY *sobs*

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Benedict Cumberbatch Appreciation Post

"But mostly, I feel, compared with Cumberbatch, like someone going through existence with the contrast dial turned down. To him, it seems, everything is neon bright. The barbs may sting more sharply, but his sun must shine that much brighter.” - Stuart McGurk, British GQ (x)

July 19th, 1976

Happy 38th Birthday, Benedict!

tão bom ter uma pessoa tão interessante a celebrar o aniversário connosco (especialmente quando é uma semi-crush *riso maléfico*)

Happy 38th Birthday to my most favorite dork on earth, Benedict Cumberbatch! I wish you all the best and may your birthday be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter, love, and cheer.

“Why did I think it would be a good idea to read this book”

— Me when I finished The Hobbit (via okenda)


People: You excited for the third The Hobbit trailer?!

Me: image


sinto-me tão inútil, tão burra, tão ridícula. tenho medo da próxima semana

whoseisthisvoiceinsidemyhead só hoje é que me apareceu o teu comentário nas notas :) obrigadaaaa és windah <3 

recuso-me a envelhecer. bah.